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ALT.NET REST Presentation

I just finished my REST presentation at the NYC ALT.NET Meetup. Thanks to all that attended.  Unfortunately I didn’t get through all my samples, but I’m happy to have quality discussion. 


I’ve uploaded the sample code and the presentation to my website.  You can use the following links to download them:


As I noted in the resources section of my presentation the following links may be of interest.


Above all I’d like to give a lot of credit to Jon Flanders. If it were not for his book this presentation would not have been possible. To anyone who is interested in learning about REST in .NET his book is a must read.


Apache Stonehenge Interoperability Presentation at the NYC .NET Dev User Group

I just finished my Apache Stonehenge interoperability demo at the NYC .NET Developer’s User Group meeting. Thanks to all that attended, we had a great time and some really good questions. Hopefully I’ve sparked some interested in the community about interoperability and the ability to connect multiple languages and platforms together using web services and WCF.


As promised the slides from this evening’s presentation are available for download on my website.  If your downloading the slides please join the mailing list and let us know what you think.


Also here are some of the key links from my presentation

Introduction to jQuery Presentation

I just finished my Introduction to jQuery presentation at the NYC Web Design Meetup.  Thanks for all that attended.  We had a really good time and had lots of great questions.


I’ve posted the presentation and demos online.

Intro to


I made some minor changes to the Google AJAX sample.  The sample shown at the meeting didn’t support repeated clicks of the Get Google Links button.