Microsoft and Sun commit to support WS-* standards by building interoperating reference applications under “Project Stonehenge”

At the JavaOne conference on June 4, Dan’l Lewin and Steven Martin from Microsoft appeared for the keynote to announce their further support of Interoperability. This effort is backed by Sun joining the Apache Stonehenge Incubator project. Stonehenge is sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation, a leader in the Open Source community, and was created to build reference applications that demonstrate the use of WS-* Standards in real-world project implementations.

This came at a great time,  the StoneHenge project just completed their M1 release of the StockTrader application.  M1 comes complete with installation guides and interoperability walkthroughs for connecting .NET, PHP, and WSO2’s Web Service Application Server (WSAS), a Java implementation.

The Sun Metro implementation discussed at JavaOne is currently contributed to the project.  Additionally, there is a patch available for the .NET stack that supports this Metro implementation.  The commiters at Stonehenge hope to have the Metro Implemetation added to trunk by the M2 release.

This is really good news, as I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve recently been contributing to the StockTrader application.  This announcement in some ways confirms the success and commitment to open standards and interoperability in enterprise environments.  Although, the real success and adoption is now in the hands of the Open Source community.  That being said, I’d like to take this opportunity to once again encourage developers to take a look at the Apache Stonehenge project, download the bits, and offer feedback and support.


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